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A career in business law is now be coming one of the most popular choices of young students in the United Kingdom and our universities are now teaching more and more people this complex subject each year. Over the past five years we have seen a sharp rise in the levels of students wishing to participate in these courses and due to this fact there are now more business law jobs on offer than in previous years.

So you are either deciding whether to learn the trade or you are almost done and are now requiring knowing more about the jobs that are on offer once you will have become fully qualified. The truth is there are far too many jobs available within this industry for me to list so we will look at some great options that will become available to you once you have completed your course and training. The Law Society hosts an array of law based factual data and resources of interest, please take a look at the Law Careers section here.

The first area of speciality that will come your way will be positions regarding contracts, income tax and labour law as these are the most common entry points into the business law industry. You will find yourself using a wide variety of your newly found skills to assess and deliver law based business work in a host of environments. This of course may not appeal to you so if not you may wish to take a career path that leads to a discipline such as international trade. Here you will be required to offer advice and your expertise in regards to all the legal aspects of international trades and commerce.

This career option is not the highest paid by any means but you will find you salary more than meets you demands and after time you can of course progress to higher levels within the field. Another great career path would be taking the step into the world of dispute resolution. Here you will encounter a large number of situations where you will be used as an arbitrator to resolve a wide variety of disputes. This field can be quite challenging and as such you will find the salary competitive to say the least. Universities such as Bangor Law School in the UK and the Harvard Law School in America offer a comprehensive choice of law based courses of higher education.

There are a wide section of modules and other types of law degrees to consider, we recommend all students consider there options carefully. One crucial tip is “Choosing a subject or module that you have an interest in” this helps when the studying gets harder, as you have an interest at foundation level.

If you are looking to study in the UK, then we highly recommend Bangor University, one of the leading Law Schools in the United Kingdom. The All About U team have added a montage of reasons why Bangor is so great, from the Students themselves:

One of the most popular career paths for the newly qualified student is to take the road of the corporate lawyer who works solely for the corporation alone. This job offers the lawyer many opportunities to shine and become the best in their field as they will be challenged each day by various situations thrown at them. One of the main requirements in this field is to be involved in and organize projects in respect of litigation, taxes and mergers to the highest standard. Obviously with the huge amount of responsibility placed on these individuals you will find this career field to be one of the highest paid and most financially rewarding in the industry.

If you would like to learn more about, Judges ansd Tribunals please review the latest Support pages of the UK Government Judiciary Training Resources, they contain a very useful selection of learning materials for law students. Another area within the sector is the finance element, please take a look at the Bangor Law with Finance course details for a more in-depth look at what is covered.

Another great career move if it appeals to you would be to move into the discipline of international business law as this can be highly rewarding. This type of job will require you to interact and arrange many variations of international business and this will involve creating and enforcing contracts as well as providing expert knowledge on any law based issue. Again depending on the position you hold you will find that this position commands a very competitive salary and is also a very enjoyable job for the right people. As you can see there are too many disciplines of business law for us to list and there is countless position available within these positions.

Why Study Law?

Well we thought the following video from Cambridge University was very useful, and discusses some of the Myths within the industry:

If you are contemplating a career in the field of business law that you sit down and really think about the area you would like to be more efficient in as this will only act as to benefit you greatly in the future. For an Independent overview of the latest law based questions, answers and news please review the Official Law Commission website, the online resources are free to review and very informative. We have some useful information available with our partners at BBC China here.


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