Student – Lucy Smith

The simulation is intended to give you a sense of the consequences of your decisions rather than being an actual representation of the real world

None of the characters presented are ‘real’.

Lucy Smith

Age: 20
Height: 5’5
Star sign: Cancer
On the stereo: Joss Stone, ‘Body, Mind and Soul’
On the back: smart new blouse
On the lash: vodka and orange (can’t taste the evil vodka!)
On the plate: jacket potato with cheese and beans
On the road: Landrover (she wishes!)
On holiday: Wales, for pony-trekking
On the doormat: Daily Mail
Smokes: No
Hobbies: horse-riding, reading
Part-time job: I haven’t had time

Her take on the year: I was a bit scared I’d have problems, because I’m partially deaf, which affects my speech. At secondary school a few bullies would make fun of me, but everyone’s been really helpful and understanding here at uni. Joe lets me copy his notes from class in case I’ve missed anything, and people know to speak up when we’re in noisy environments like the bar.

What’s your favourite part of uni life? I really like my additional sessions with the tutors, because they help me keep on top of all the work.

And the worst? Not having time to go home at weekends because of the workload.

What have you missed most? My pet. I know it sounds soppy but before coming to uni I would see her every day, and now I have to trust other people to care for her.

What has been the greatest surprise? Just how friendly everyone has been, and how different types of people can get on so well together.

How have you coped with money? It’s been a struggle, but I’m only a thousand pounds in debt for this year, which is a result.

Top financial tip? Get insurance. It might seem pricey, but it’s cheaper than having to buy all your belongings again!

Lucy’s Finances:

With a household income of £20,000 Lucy is entitled to a large £2,283 maintenance grant, a university bursary as well as student loan. She’s also entitled to considerable support to help with her disability.

Lucy plans to earn some extra cash by working at the local stables during the holidays.

If Lucy earned £20,000 per year on graduation, she’d repay her student loan at a rate of £8.65 per week.

To work out a detailed budget use UNIAID’s Student Calculator

For illustration only

Household income £20,000
Maintenance Grant £2,283
Annual Student Loan £3,205
Grant + Loan £5,488
University Bursary £500
Contribution from Folks £0
Interest free overdraft £1,000
Part-time work (during holidays) £3,000
Access to learning fund £250
Disabled Student’s Allowance
[DSA] (up to £1,525 each year) £500
Specialist Equipment Allowance
(up to £4,565 for course length) £500
Non-Medical Helper’s Allowance £5,500

TOTAL £16,738

Expenditure – Month / Year

Rent (shared house) £204 £2,700
Special equipment/ learning support £542 £6,500
Utility Bills (electric, gas, water) £25 £300
Mobile/ phone bill £20 £300
Travel/ transport £42 £500
Food £83 £1,000
Clothes/ shoes £42 £500
Leisure/ sports £50 £600
Books/ stationery £21 £250
Smoking £0 £0
Socialising £117 £1,400
TOTAL £1,146 £14,050




Remember course fees for ‘home’ students don’t have to be paid back until a student is earning over £15,000! ( Example amount)

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