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Welcome to All About U, an Interactive Site. that explores finance & the costs of studying.


Our key objectives are to: “Create a virtual experience of Student Life from 2020 and beyond”

UNIAID is highly ethical. We do not encourage illegal, excessive or cunning behaviour. We appreciate that, for certain reprobates, these are a stock part of the student experience. We recognise that students may, of their own unstoppable volition, partake in immoral acts (plagiarism, not paying their share of the bills, never having any money for the meter, being lazy and unreliable). Some may have been known to indulge in antisocial behaviour (letting off fire extinguishers, leaving the washing up for their mates until it’s a health hazard, never changing the sheets, defaulting on the cleaning rota, failing to maintain basic levels of personal hygiene). There my even be some truth in the stories we have been told of certain illegal goings on (drugs, nicking stuff etc.) We do not condone any such activities in any way.

We’re also joyously relieved that for most students today, an honest work ethic prevails.

At the same time we’re astounded (as you probably are) by the levels of debt carried; by the rising costs; by the challenges students manage to overcome in order to stay afloat and expand their minds.

We have a rational prejudice against the perpetrators of junk mail and Spam and take the protection of data (ours and yours!) seriously.

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